sensitive Teeth

About sensitive Teeth:

One in four adults suffers from sensitive teeth, or “Dentin Hypersensitivity”, mainly brought on by hot or cold food or drink. The majority of sufferers are unaware that their condition is easily identified and treated.

sensitive teeth can start hurting as early as in your 20’s and the teeth most commonly affected are “canines” and “premolars”

Tooth sensitivity can cause improper brushing, which may lead to a progression of problems including plaque buildup, gingivitis, periodontal disease and tooth loss.

Studies show that “Dentin Hypersensitivity” is the most common side effect of tooth whitening/bleaching procedures. The growth of at-home bleaching has contributed to the increase in dentin hypersensitivity, with controlled clinical studies showing that sensitivity occurs in 55%-75% of users. Anecdotal reports suggest that dentin hypersensitivity may be reduced or prevented by using a desensitizing tooth paste for several weeks prior to exposure to the bleaching agent.

Causes of sensitive Teeth:

The layer of the tooth under the enamel is called “dentin.” Microscopic tubules act like tiny straws located in the dentin and contain fluid and nerve endings. The dentin can be exposed as gum tissue recedes or when the enamel is worn away – often by aggressive tooth brushing. When stimuli, such as hot or cold foods and drinks, reach the exposed dentin, they cause the fluid in the dentinal tubules to move rapidly outward, resulting in sensitive teeth pain.

Treating sensitive Teeth:

Brushing twice a day, every day, with Sensodyne toothpaste will simply and easily relieve the pain caused by sensitive teeth – and continued brushing can prevent it from coming back. If your sensitivity is severe, please check with your dentist to make sure it is not a more serious problem.

Brush you teeth gently using circular motion and a soft-bristle toothbrush. Have regular dental check-ups to ensure your sensitive teeth haven’t become a more serious dental problem.

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