Extractions / Oral Surgery


An impacted tooth is one that has not fully erupted into place. The impacted tooth in the image is growing towards its neighboring tooth. It can cause damage to the neighboring tooth or initiate an infection within the surrounding gums. An impacted tooth extraction may be necessary to prevent damage to a neighboring tooth or to prevent an oral infection.

Deep Decay

When decay eats away the crown of the tooth down to the level of the bone the remaining root structure may not be able to support a restoration. The remaining roots will need to be extracted to prevent an infection from developing.

Periodontal Disease (Bone Loss)

Periodontal disease is when a gum infection eats away the bone that holds on to the roots of a tooth. As the bone which supports the roots is lost the tooth becomes loose. As the disease progresses eventually all of the supporting bone is lost and a tooth extraction is needed.

Deep Fracture

A root fracture is a fracture that goes below the gum line along the root of the tooth. This type of fracture results in a non-restorable situation. When a tooth cannot be saved then you will need to get a tooth extraction.