Braces (Orthodontics)

What Kind of Braces are there?

"Regular" stainless steel braces aren't really so regular any more. We uses the latest self-ligating brackets. These high-tech braces have titanium alloy springs that hold the archwires in place for a low friction/low force system of biomechanics. This translates to less tenderness of your teeth yet faster movement than was previously possible. They may look like the old braces but they are worlds ahead.

Less visible tooth-colored ceramic braces. These state-of-the-art ceramic brackets are the top choice for most of our adult patients and even some of our younger patients. They blend in with your teeth and, while not invisible, they are far less noticeable than the steel braces. They are a bit more fragile, however, and care must be taken not to break them.

Virtually invisible braces aren't really braces at all but a totally new tooth straightening system called Invisalign™. With this system, a series of clear orthodontic trays, similar to bleaching trays, are fabricated using computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM). The appliance is worn for 2-3 weeks at a time. Treatment time can often be shorter than with conventional braces. There are, however, some limitations with this appliance. Ask us if this may be right for you.

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