Frequently Asked Questions

Please find here answers to some of the more common questions patients ask about our dental services. Of course, I'm happy to discuss your particular questions and dental needs at your convenience - just call the office at 212-353-8833, 212-721-4549, 718-998-0062 or e-mail me at drkadoe@gmail.com

Do you accept insurance?
Yes. If your plan is an Indemnity or PPO type plan, then I can accept the benefits your insurance company provides. My office is set up for electronic claims, so in most cases you don't even need to bring any forms. My staff would be happy to give you an estimate of your benefits and co-payments - just ask.

Do you use Digital Radiography?
Yes. Digital x-rays are captured by a sensor not film. The images are sharper and can be manipulated for better diagnosis. More importantly, since they require about a sixth of the radiation, patient exposure is greatly reduced.

What if I have many more questions, but I type really slowly?
Please, don't hesitate, feel free to call the office at 212-353-8833, 212-721-4549, 718-998-0062 or contact me via email for more information.

A missing tooth? Dental Implants could be the answer!
Losing a tooth by accident or by extraction is not the end of the matter. Aside from the obvious cosmetic problem, the changed positions of these teeth can lead to severe bite problems causing jaw pain and headaches.

Missing teeth should be replaced to keep other teeth in their normal position and this can be done by Dr. Daniel Kadoe. Yes, he can help!!! with last a fixed bridge or a dental implant. Both of these treatments offer a good functional and cosmetic result.